Sound That
Moves You

Comhear seeks to transform the listening experience at work and at play by combining innovative audio technology with a passion for healthier audio. Our products and solutions feature KAP™, Comhear’s premier audio enhancing software. KAP instantly surrounds you with the physical sensation of studio-rich sound you can practically touch, without exposing your ears to harmful sound pressure levels.


MyBeam for

MyBeam for Conferencing turns voices into controllable beams of sound, delivering a customizable, immersive sound experience to your ears with unprecedented clarity.

Revelations In Sound

Comhear brings an unprecedented audio experience to your ears with our patented beamforming system. MyBeam solutions combine a revolutionary mix of innovative technology, audio engineering, and applied science into products that will change the way you hear the world, but will immediately feel natural and familiar. Through spatially separated audio, MyBeam creates a controllable, immersive listening space around your head – without the need for headphones, receivers, or any type of amplification device.

Partner Inquiries

Help us transform the listening experience as a Comhear partner. Leading audio and audio accessory companies are invited to apply for access to our innovative products and technologies.

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