Comhear, Inc., an award-winning audio technology company, today announced the completion of a $12 Million Series A capitalization round. The funds will be used to drive innovation and advance the company’s business objectives across multiple industry segments, led by the launch of Comhear’s revolutionary 3D audio technology in the consumer electronics and ProAV markets.

Comhear also announced that Gerry Chastelet, an experienced technology industry executive, will be joining the company as Chief Executive Officer. Former Chairman and CEO of Dominus Innovations and Digital Lightwave, Chastelet has extensive executive experience in leading both public and private high growth companies. In addition, Andrew Arno, Vice Chairman of the Special Equities Group at Chardan Capital Markets LLC in New York, has joined the Comhear Board of Directors. Perry Teevens will continue as President and lead Business Development for Comhear across the multiple business, enterprise and consumer segments.

“We are delighted to have Gerry and Andrew join the Comhear team,” said Andy Sassine, Comhear’s Chairman. “Comhear is well positioned with its innovative 3D audio technology and, the addition of Gerry in the executive suite and Andrew on the board, further strengthens the company’s ability to execute its strategic and business growth initiatives.”

Comhear’s patented MyBeam™ technology reproduces natural, immersive, 360-degree surround sound without the need for headphones. This technology is currently available for the ProAV market, and will be introduced to consumers this summer in a crowdfunding campaign for the YARRA 3DX three-dimensional sound projector. Developed in cooperation with researchers at University of California San Diego (UCSD), MyBeam is a groundbreaking beamforming speaker that features hi-resolution audio and wireless control. The technology supports all current audio media, and future technologies including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality systems.

About Comhear, Inc.

Comhear is an award-winning audio technology company dedicated to creating the next generation audio product for home, enterprise, and professional applications. The company mission is to disrupt the traditional speaker and headphone industry with true 3D audio. Comhear has developed industry leading audio software with researchers from UCSD and the University of Southampton. Consumer electronics speaker and headset OEMs, enterprise TEMs, kiosk systems manufacturers and integrators and Gaming/VR platforms benefit from Comhear’s revolutionary beamforming services, which add vocal clarity and customization to audio and conferencing systems. Comhear products are powered by our patented KAP™ software, which gives you wider, more natural soundscapes while protecting long term hearing acuity. This passion for healthy audio, combined with a deep understanding of how the brain processes sound, enables Comhear to develop products and solutions that adapt to your environment and transform the listening experience. For additional information, visit