Comhear, Inc. will be presenting its MyBeam™ 360° award winning, next generation speaker technology at the LD Micro Invitational on June 9, 2016 at the Luxe Sunset Hotel in Los Angeles. Perry Teevens, Comhear CEO, joined by Andrew Sassine, Comhear Chairman, will provide an overview of the advances in sound projection technology and usage of near field beam forming technology to provide an enhanced natural 360° sound experience for virtual reality, gaming, desktop sound, theatre & theme park, and mobile applications. Further, Mr. Teevens will be meeting with investors to discuss markets and applications for the Company’s proprietary, innovative, and award winning 3D sound array technology: MyBeam™ 360°.

The recent installation of the MyBeam™ 360° speaker array at Great America’s Mass Effect attraction is a major breakthrough for public audio applications. “We call it ‘wow factor’ for your ears,” says Christian Dieckmann, Corporate Vice President of Strategic Growth for Cedar Fair Entertainment, which owns Great America, Knott’s Berry Farm and several other theme parks.

MyBeam™ integrates Comhear’s patented IP which is licensed to OEM’s for use in their product offerings.  MyBeam™ projects a 360° sound experience including binaural and 5.1 encoded content. The technology replaces headphones for immersive sound applications, introducing a safer and more vibrant sound experience.

Comhear’s proprietary KAP™ audio enhancement software is being included in a new generation of listening devices to broaden and improve the soundstage for an extraordinary listening experience.  The Company has received many accolades for this achievement and is excited about the tremendous potential licensing opportunities.

About Comhear, Inc.

Comhear believes in sound that moves you. Comhear is an audio technology company that brings people closer together through pristine communication, and enhances immersive entertainment with the physical sensation of sound you can practically touch. Consumer electronics speaker and headset OEMs, enterprise TEMs, kiosk systems manufacturers and integrators and Gaming/VR platforms benefit from Comhear’s revolutionary beamforming services, which add vocal clarity and customization to audio and conferencing systems.

Comhear products are powered by our patented KAP™ software, which gives you wider, more natural soundscapes while protecting long term hearing acuity. This passion for healthy audio, combined with a deep understanding of how the brain processes sound, enables Comhear to develop products and solutions that adapt to your environment and transform the listening experience.