faviconComhear, Inc. is an R&D focused company that develops spatial audio technologies – referred to as MyBeam™ –  for OEMs to produce immersive, 360° sound products for their customers.  Key applications for spatial audio include gaming/virtual reality for an immersive sound experience similar to wearing headsets, conferencing for vocal clarity and pristine communications, and kiosks/digital signage for private directional audio.

Comhear believes in sound that moves you

Comhear technologies are powered by our patented KAP™ software, which gives you wider, more natural soundscapes while protecting long term hearing acuity. This passion for healthy audio, combined with a deep understanding of how the brain processes sound, enables Comhear to develop technology solutions that enhances audio with the physical sensation of sound that you can practically touch.

Connect MIP Award Seal

Comhear Wins The CONNECT 2015 MIP Award

CONNECT, a premier innovation company accelerator in San Diego selected Comhear’s MyBeam™ technology as the winner in the Software and Digital Media Category in December 2015. CONNECT is a premier innovation company accelerator in San Diego that creates and scales great companies in the technology and life sciences sectors. Each year CONNECT hosts this prestigious competition, which begins in in the spring and culminates in the awards ceremony in December.

Paul-RobenPaul Roben, Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Commercialization at UC San Diego, said such recognition of businesses arising from university technology is vital to growth in San Diego’s innovation ecosystem. “ComHear is a notable example of how to leverage university research for business development and regional economic growth,” he said.

The MyBeam™ 360° Sound Experience

360 SoundImagine yourself watching TV with a group of people. Through a standard speaker set up, each person would hear the same audio, although those closest to the speakers would hear the audio louder than others.

Sound beams are far more precise: they can be individually controlled and directed with pinpoint accuracy. These beams can be used to direct equalized audio to each person, or at a volume adjusted to each listener’s preference. Multiple beams could also be employed simultaneously, so that one listener hears a German audio track, the second hears a Spanish audio track, and the rest hear an English audio track.

These audio tracks would all be heard with perfect clarity and no overlap. Comhear holds an exclusive license for beamforming technology developed by researchers at the Qualcomm Institute, the UC San Diego division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology. Beamforming shapes audio into controllable beams of sound, directed to each listener’s ear. As a result, listeners receive an individual 360° sound experience eliminating the need for headsets.

MyBeam™ Testimonials

Sound Diagram

The MyBeam™ Reference Design


The MyBeam™ Reference Design integrates Comhear’s patented IP which is licensed to OEM’s for use in their product offerings. MyBeam™ projects a 360° sound experience including binaural and 5.1 encoded content. The technology replaces headphones for immersive sound applications, introducing a safer and more vibrant sound experience.

ODM Model

Comhear has partnered with ZYLUX who provides design and integration services to OEM’s. The DSP contract manufacturer produces a custom DSP circuit board per the OEM’s specifications. The ODM manufactures the final design specified and approved by the OEM.

The Opportunity

Comhear is positioned in high growth/high value market segments!

With no real competitor and a 360° immersive sound experience, this technology provides OEM’s with new markets and exciting sales opportunities.

Market Opportunity


Peter Otto, Director of Sonic Arts Research & Development, is conducting research which builds on the original Sonic Arts R&D work. Earlier research on small-format audio beam forming technology is licensed by Comhear. Quoting Peter Otto, “MyBeam® technology offers a huge and easily perceived advantage for many applications in audio communications and music.“

Comhear is in numerous licensing negotiations with a variety of market leading companies that recognize the benefits of integrating MyBeam™ technology into a wide range of audio products to offer a more compelling immersive listening experience.

Comhear currently offers an exciting investment opportunity. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity please contact us today.

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