What we hear is affected by our perceptions. How we hear, what we expect to hear, and the quality of audio playback can all influence our impressions of sound. This is particularly true of music: what we listen to, or think we are listening to, is often quite different from an original recording.

KAP™ is Comhear’s premier audio enhancing software. We developed KAP to provide richer soundscapes, making it possible to hear greater detail from music you may have been listening to all your life. Using audio technologies and a deep understanding of how the brain perceives sound, KAP delivers studio-rich audio quality without the need to listen at high volume levels. Listening to music with KAP makes it possible to more comfortably experience music as it was meant to be heard.

Principles of Space and the Missing Fundamental

KAP utilizes psychoacoustic bass enhancement, based on the principle of the missing fundamental. This approach uses small drivers to create the perception of deeper sound, making very low bass frequencies audible. This audio illusion gives you a fuller and more satisfying listening experience, without the need for greater volumes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, high frequency contouring is used to compensate for any losses in the acoustic transmission path. This type of contouring improves clarity and acoustic space, preserving the highs and lows of your music. Another function of KAP is spatial enhancement, which is an expansion of the audio field. Spatial enhancement gives you the sensation of music coming from a wider orbit around your head, not just your ears, and eliminates the often annoying “in head” effect common with headsets. KAP can be integrated into apps for Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobile.

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