Comhear, Inc., an award winning audio technology company, today announced that Peter Otto, Director of Calit2 Qualcomm Institute Sonic Arts Laboratory, has joined Comhear as its Chief Science Officer.

Peter Otto, an expert in the language and aesthetics of music and media, is also accomplished in advanced design and engineering including instrumentation and facilities design, systems and networking applications, and a wide array of media technology research and development areas. He currently holds appointments at UCSD as Technology Director on the Faculty of Music and as Director of Research & Development in the Sonic Arts R&D group at UCSD’s Calit2 Qualcomm Institute (Qi), which he established in 2009.

“We’ve had a long standing relationship with Peter and Sonic Arts” said Perry Teevens, CEO, Comhear Inc., “Peter is an expert in the field of multi-channel and spatial audio, including binaural and multi-channel sound design and 3D audio imaging. Peter will lead our R&D efforts as we take our beamforming technology into commercial markets”

Peter has founded two software companies and consulted for top tier firms in the private sector. His performance design work has been heard in major American, European and Asian venues such as Carnegie Hall, Juilliard, Los Angeles Philharmonic, SIGGRAPH, The Theatre Olympics (Japan), The Holland Festival, The Maeght Foundation (France), Santa Cecilia (Italy), Barbican and Royal Albert Halls (London), Ars Electronica (Austria), and many others.

As Chief Science Officer for Comhear, Peter will continue to author patents, oversee Comhear’s IP portfolio, follow technology and market trends, advise on product development, collaborate with engineering to design state-of-the-art facilities and develop technologies, and advance studies of media perception and audio quality. In joining Comhear as CSO, Peter has refocused and dedicated his 30-year career to helping the Company deliver the best possible communications, music and entertainment experiences to a global audience.

About Comhear, Inc.

Comhear believes in sound that moves you. Comhear is an audio technology company that brings people closer together through pristine communication, and enhances immersive entertainment with the physical sensation of sound you can practically touch. Consumer electronics speaker and headset OEMs, enterprise TEMs, kiosk systems manufacturers and integrators and Gaming/VR platforms benefit from Comhear’s revolutionary beamforming services, which add vocal clarity and customization to audio and conferencing systems.

Comhear products are powered by our patented KAP™ software, which gives you wider, more natural soundscapes while protecting long term hearing acuity. This passion for healthy audio, combined with a deep understanding of how the brain processes sound, enables Comhear to develop products and solutions that adapt to your environment and transform the listening experience.

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