Blue Ribbon Panel Selects Innovative Sound Projector for Prestigious Award

LOS ANGELES—June 12, 2017—Comhear, Inc., a San Diego-based audio technology company, was recognized by the LA Audio Show for having one of the “finest products exhibited at the show” during an awards banquet held Saturday June 3, 2017 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles. YARRA 3DX™—the audio industry’s first affordable beam forming speaker—received an “Alfie” award on the “basis of superior technological achievement in combination with audiophile performance as individually auditioned at LAAS”. YARRA 3DX reproduces 360-degree, surround sound without the need for headphones. The company introduced their new product at the LA Audio Show and attendees were able to listen to this innovative technology first-hand.

Bob Levi, master of ceremonies, president of the LA and Orange County Audiophile Society and organizer of the show, announced the “Alfie” awards as a way of recognizing innovation in the audiophile world. YARRA 3DX was recognized with an “Alfie” by judges John Williams and Chuck Bruce.

When announcing the award, John Williams said, “Chuck and I came across YARRA 3DX while exploring the mezzanine area. We were immediately intrigued by the product and requested a demonstration. What we experienced was 5.1, 3D sound without the use of headphones from this small rectangular shaped piece of equipment. The sound you get is full 3D 5.1 surround. We don’t know how they do it but it blew us away and we wanted to recognize this innovation.”

Show Attendees, including Board Member of the LA and Orange County Audiophile Society Russ Stratton, were impressed with the demo. “It worked for me,” said Stratton. “The way it was able to wrap around my head and localize the channels was stunning!” Robert Kelly of German Physiks speakers added, “Amazing! Uncannily good. I wasn’t expecting anything special but it blew my mind.”

“YARRA 3DX operates more like a sound projector and does something that no other audio technology can match,” said Comhear President Perry Teevens. “We are looking forward to bringing this industry-first beamforming speaker to the market and are confident our technology will drastically change the way people experience audio—be it through gaming, virtual reality, home entertainment and more.”

Offering best in class Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless, as well as traditional analog wired connectivity, elegant design and smart features, YARRA 3DX can be used individually or as part of a home entertainment network. The YARRA 3DX app will allow users to personalize spatial localization, control connectivity, change from near field to far field reproduction, and model a variety of audiophile grade speakers.

The YARRA 3DX speaker system is fully developed and ready for manufacturing, with a crowdfunding campaign launching in July to bring this revolutionary product to consumers. For sign ups, additional information and video, visit YARRA 3DX™ beam forming speakers will be available in the fall of 2017.